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If you find yourself missing the assignments that were part of your C1M Academy courses, longing for inspiration on what to shoot next, or wishing for a quick refresher of basic photography skills without enrolling in a multi-week course, becoming a member of our Sharpshooters group might be right for you.

 Course C1MASS - Sharpshooters

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Monthly Membership Subscription

Monthly webinar: one Monday a month at 5:30 PM

What you get:

• A once-a-month webinar with a Quick Lesson to keep your photography skills sharp.

• An image critique, critiquing a photo submitted by a member. (Additional private critiques are available upon request.)

• Access to Walty’s Weekly Webinar, so you can ask any questions that crop up between Sharpshooters Webinars.

• Twice a month, a refresher lesson bundled with a photography assignment. The refresher lesson will be in more detail than the Quick Lesson in the webinar can cover. It’s almost like still going to class, except only twice a month.


Every 3 months of your membership makes you eligible for a Photography Workshop of your choice, to hone and update your photography and sharpshooting skills.


Monthly Quick Lessons include:

• Refreshers on all of the core concepts discussed in The Basics course, including: Shutter and Motion, Aperture and Depth of Field, ISO and Noise, Exposure Metering, Color Correct Photography, and How to Take a Photo in Manual Mode.

• Refresher on the key concepts of the Beyond The Basics course, including: Elements of Visual Design, Principles of Visual Design, Sizing and Cropping of images, Presenting Images, and How to Critique a Photograph.

• Concepts of using Adobe Lightroom

• Concepts of using Adobe Photoshop


What you will need to bring to the webinar:

A generally pleasant attitude will be helpful. ;)
Any questions you might have on a specific topic.  
Having your camera handy may be a good idea.
A notebook and writing utensil.

Your quick wit and sense of humor. :)


2017 Webinar Schedule:

January 30th

February 20th

March 20th

April 17th

May 22nd

June 20th

July 25th

August 14th

September 25th

October 23rd

November 20th

December 18th

Your $49.99 payment begins your membership in the Sharpshooters group. $49.99 will be charged to your credit card each month, unless and until you notify us in writing that you wish to cancel your subscription.

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Walter teaches classes and courses in our Amherst location.

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