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How to run a successful photography business:

Most of us got into photography because we love making photographs. So much so that we can’t help thinking about how to turn it into a profession.

If you studied with us before you may already have realized that we all seem to struggle with the same essential concepts at different times. Granted, some more than others. And in the end we all can learn from those who walked the path before.

Running a successful photography business depends on the right combination of your mindset, combined with a clear vision of what your niche should be. In this weekend intensive course, you will develop your very own marketing and business plan, giving you a roadmap for your success.

What you'll learn in our Weekend Intensive Course:

• Finding your ideal market

• Packaging and sales

• Running a business

• Contracts, copyright and model releases

Disclaimer: While we cannot give you legal advice, we will inform you to the best of our knowledge about contracts, copyright issues and model releases. If you have any particular questions, you should consult an attorney before you make any moves.

And, because we are as committed to your success as we hope you are, we don't stop there. Included with the cost of the weekend intensive course are 4 sessions of our Personal Success Plan Coaching.

In a nutshell

Included with C1MAPB:

• 2-Day Weekend Intensive Photography Business course

• Find your niche

• Develop your marketing plan

• Develop your business plan

• 4 Personal Success Plan Coaching Sessions


 C1MAPB - Running Your Photography Business

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Running Your Photography Business

If you are ready to turn your passion for photography into a profession. We can help you. Our Running Your Photography Business course is paired with a series of Coaching Sessions, helping to plant your feet firmly on the road to professional success.

 C1MAPB - Running Your Photography Business

2-Day Intensive


 Amherst, NH

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