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Our hands-on photography workshops will help you stay engaged, keep you photographing and let you improve your skills in a fun and hands-on way. All workshops take place on a Saturday morning for 3 hours, and we hold at least one per month. These workshops are a great way to learn about photography on an ongoing basis. While each workshop is self contained, some build on each other. The greatest benefit is gained by participating in all of them. - Of course.

Photoshop I


 C1MAWS02 - Photoshop I (the basics)

Photoshop is the power tool of digital editing. And, as with any power tool, it’s easy to know just enough to get yourself into a heap of trouble. The good news is that you can’t actually saw off a limb with it. The bad news, as we all know from those “15 Photoshop Disasters” articles all over the internet, is that your photo subjects might end up looking as though they’re missing a limb.

Of course, that is the extreme. The more real risk is that you’ll end up with a photo that looks over-processed. One that screams “Photoshop!” at first glance. Photoshop should whisper, never shout. But that takes skill and practice. The elements of Photoshop, while very powerful, are not intuitive.

If you've ever found yourself frustrated by a photo-editing session that went awry or wanted to edit your photos, but been afraid to try, this workshop is the place to start. Trying to teach yourself these skills can be challenging. Maybe even downright discouraging. But we're here to help.

Because Photoshop can be overwhelming we will start at the beginning and show you how to:

•Open files

•Use layers

•Perform quick edits

•Crop and size your photos

•Save and export your work


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