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Our hands-on photography workshops will help you stay engaged, keep you photographing and let you improve your skills in a fun and hands-on way. All workshops take place on a Saturday morning for 3 hours, and we hold at least one per month. These workshops are a great way to learn about photography on an ongoing basis. While each workshop is self contained, some build on each other. The greatest benefit is gained by participating in all of them. - Of course.

Hands-On Workshops

 C1MAWS - Hands-On Photography Workshops - Overview:

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This overview gives you, well, an overview of the workshops available. Click here for the Hands-On Workshop schedule ...

Check the workshops for the ones you're interested in, and then look at the schedule to see when it runs next. All you need to do is sign up below and send us an email, letting us know which workshop(s) you'd like to take part in and reserve your space that way. If the workshop includes a model, there will be separate model fee due. You may pay when you register, or on the day of the workshop.


If you are part of our Photo Explorers workshops are free to attend, but you will need to pay any applicable model fee.

 C1MAWS01 - Lightroom (tweaking your photos)

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Our Lightroom workshop will supercharge your learning on this powerful editing tool. It also serves as a great companion to our Lightroom eLearning Video Series. The workshop focuses solely on what you can do to edit and punch up your photos. We will explore a systematic approach that you can use to get the most out of your digital photos. Although not required, if you have, bring your computer with Lightroom installed to follow along.

We will show you in detail how to use these controls to punch up your photos:




•Using gradient filters

•Using radial filters

 C1MAWS02 - Photoshop-1 (the basics)

Photoshop is the most powerful application for photo and image editing. While it is also widely used for graphic design, in this workshop we will be focusing on Photoshop for photographers. Because Photoshop can be overwhelming we will start at the beginning and show you how to:

•Open files

•Using layers

•Performing quick edits

•Cropping and sizing your photos

•Saving and exporting your work

 C1MAWS03 - Photoshop-2 (improving on reality)

Building on Photoshop-1, this workshop introduces some of the more advanced photo editing concepts:

•Selection tools

•Layer masking

•Using adjustment layers

•Blending layers

•Using curves


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 C1MAWS04 - Using your on-camera flash

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Using your on-camera flash sometimes befuddles even professional photographers. In this workshop we will study and apply how to use your on-camera flash for most situations you may encounter. We’ll also look at how to use it to get you pleasing photos, without that flash look.

What we’ll do:

• How to set your camera for on-camera flash

• How to set your flash

• How to use your flash as the main light source

• How to use fill flash

• How to use flash exposure compensation



 C1MAWS05 - Posing for portraits

There is an art to getting appealing poses out of your subjects. Portrait photographers need to know how to pose individuals as well as groups of people. We can show you a ground up approach that starts you out on the right foot. Or the left one, if you’d like. By placing the feet first, you’ll have a much better chance to get the body looking relaxed and comfortable. We’ll show you how to pose anyone for their portrait.

What we’ll loo at:

• The ground rules for posing people

• The dos and donts for portrait posing

• Why you’d want to start with placing the feet first

• posing tricks that’ll help you make your clients look their best

• How you can quickly check if your posing works



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 C1MAWS06 - Natural light portraiture

Understanding lighting is one of the major elements of good photography. Going beyond exposure, you use light to help make your subject look beautiful. Seeing lighting takes a little bit of time and practice and we’ll help you get on your way. Once you start reading natural light it’ll forever change your photography. We’ll get you started and well on your way.

What we’ll do:

• We’ll look at what makes for good lighting

• We’ll show you how to use existing lighting in a natural setting

• We’ll get you started in reading lighting

• We’ll show you what does not work so well when lighting a subject

• We’ll share a trick that’ll let you shoot beautiful portraiture at high noon



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 C1MAWS07 - Using off-camera flash

Mixing existing light with an off camera flash can result in dramatic lighting effects. Using this technique, you can make high noon look like dusk and bring out all the drama in the sky too. We’ll demystify all aspects of using off camera flash outside and we’ll show you how to get the effects you are looking for.

What we’ll do:

• Use off camera flash to kiss your subject with just a little light

• We’ll turn day into dusk and light our subject in a dramatic way

• Experiment with different aspects of mixing daylight with a flash



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 C1MAWS08 - Advanced studio photography

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Advanced studio photography more often than not takes lighting schemes and techniques right to the edge, just before everything falls apart. This style of lighting requires a bit of a different approach. A different way of thinking. How can you go beyond lighting for exposure and make light and shadow dance with your subject?

What we’ll look at:

• Lighting effects and how they relate to the human form

• How to use light and shadow to suggest, rather than expose

• How to create the thought of beauty in 3 dimensional space

• How to use planarity together with lighting techniques to create beauty

• How to use a single light to create a fascinating dance of light and shadow


 C1MAWS09 - Photography for Young Mothers

Nothing inspires people to pick up a camera faster than the desire to capture a lovely moment from a childhood that is all too short. But, young children can also be very challenging subjects. This workshop will help you learn to work through those challenges so that you can preserve precious memories.


What we'll look at:

• How to set up and prepare

• Finding perfect spots to photograph your baby

• How to approach the photo session as best as you can

• How to be ready for cuteness when it happens



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 C1MAWS10 - Photographing Children

Photographing children can be a challenge. More so, if the children you are photographing are your own. In this workshop we'll guide you through a photo session and show you how to direct and coach your children in a way so that they look natural.


What we'll look at:

• What you'll need to prepare

• How to find perfect spots to photograph children

• How to approach the photo session without stressing out the child

• What to do when you see something cute, but you are not ready to take a photo



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 C1MWS11 - Photographing Couples

Capturing the love between two people requires to build trust and a certain amount of familiarity between the couple and the photographer. Getting the couple to open up and allowing you to witness their tenderness, so you can capture it on camera is a key skill to photographing couples. We will be looking at the impact that may have, as well as other aspects like lighting, scene setting and posing.


What we'll look at:

• How to find great spots for couple photography

• How to set the mood and get the couple to allow you into their personal space

• How to find flattering poses that showcase the love and connection between two people

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 C1MWS12 - DSLR Clinic

The purpose of this workshop is to help you get more sure-footed with using your DSLR camera in manual mode. When you spend most of every day taking pictures, it's easy to keep current, but not everyone has that luxury. Even experienced photographers can use a reminder now and then. This workshop will get you hands-on with your own camera, connecting the dots of how to shoot in manual mode under a variety of conditions.


What we'll look at:

• Metering appropriately for the lighting conditions

• Choosing the correct shutter, aperture, and ISO settings for a good exposure

• Deciding whether to lead with shutter speed or depth of field, depending on your subject

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 To take part in Workshops ...

No matter what workshop excites you, tickets for Hands-On Workshops are available as a single, or as packs of 3 or 6 individual workshops. All you have to do is sign up here and let us know which workshop(s) you'd like to attend, at the latest 3 days before the workshop starts.
If you'd like to have a pack of 3 or 6 workshops, it works like a punch card where you get to pick and choose which Workshops you'd like to attend. And they never expire.

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Drop us an email to let us know what workshop(s) you'll be attending. If the workshop you wish to attend  includes a model fee, you can pay it here. Alternatively, you can pay it in person on the day of your workshop. Whatever is more convenient for you.


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By purchasing a seat in any of our workshops you agree to our terms and conditions of sale. Your retainer fee reserves your seat and is fully refunded if the workshop is canceled. Per RSA 361-B, you may cancel this transaction any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of this transaction. When you sign up we'll send you an email to confirm. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours, please call us. From time to time, we videotape our classes, so it is possible that you will be recorded while studying with us. Warning: On rare occasions we do run out of chocolate chip cookies.

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