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    Photography The Basics (Know Your DSLR Camera) - 6 Week course

Getting to know your camera is essential. Like every painter knows his brush and every chef knows his knife, you need to know your tools. Our 6 weeks Photography The Basics course is a lot of fun and hands-on. We'll lay the groundwork to enable you to dramatically improve your photography. Available as a classroom course, webinar, weekend intensive or self paced eLearning.
This course is for beginners through advanced. If you just got your camera, we'll guide you through on how to use it, from the ground up. If you have been photographing for a long time and know your way around your camera, - sort of, this course will fill in the gaps and connect the dots.



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It's a beautiful world out there. Capturing it with your camera  gets a lot easier once you understand composition and visual principles. Our Beyond The Basics course will guide you through studying elements and principles of composition. This is a fun course with lots of hands-on assignments. The culmination of this course is a public Art Gallery Show where we showcase your photos to about 100 to 200 people.

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After you've mastered the technical skills to put you in charge of your camera and learned the creative aspects that move you from taking snapshots to making art, you may wonder what's next. Our Advanced Photography course provides the answer to that important question. We'll explore lighting, more complex photo editing techniques, how to handle the human element (your subjects), and some of the business aspects you might be beginning to consider.

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If you are ready to make the most of your images, Adobe Lightroom is the tool to use. You'll find that there is a learning curve and we can get you all fixed up learning all the techniques and shortcuts. Our 6 series eLearning course consists of short, comprehensive video clips that you can watch at your leisure, guiding you along. What makes our videos so special is that you can follow them up with a private lesson, should you need to.

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Our hands-on workshops focus on specific subjects ranging from Photoshop, to posing a subject, to advanced studio lighting concepts. Once you understand all the ins and outs of your DSLR and are mastering your composition, these workshops will give you the opportunity to practice and expand detail knowledge. - The really cool stuff.
If you are part of C1M-Academy Photo Elite, the monthly workshops are free for you to attend. Model fees may apply.

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Gorgeous wardrobe, beautiful models, clean composition, all coming together just right for a stunning fashion photograph. In this course we’ll look at fashion photography from the ground up. If you've ever wanted to explore this challenging and potentially lucrative branch of photography, this is the course for you.

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You can learn the most and have fun doing so if you immerse yourself into photography on an ongoing basis. Our Photo Explorers program meets once a month for a photo shoot with a photo editing session about 2 weeks after. The idea is to become part of an ongoing improvement cycle that will dramatically improve how you approach your photo shoots. Intended for students and photography enthusiasts alike, Photo Explorers runs year-round. You can join anytime. Hands-on workshops are free to Photo Explorers members. Model fees notwithstanding.


If you find yourself missing the assignments that were part of your C1M Academy courses, longing for inspiration on what to shoot next, or wishing for a quick refresher of basic photography skills, becoming a member of our Sharpshooters group might be right for you. You'll get access to a once-a-month webinar with a refresher lesson, and an image critique, critiquing a photo submitted by a member. Twice a month, a refresher lesson bundled with a photography assignment. The refresher lesson will be in more detail than the Quick Lesson in the webinar can cover.

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If you've ever found yourself wishing for something to fill the gap while you wait for our next courses to start, or find that without a scheduled class, you're less motivated to take your camera out, becoming a member of our Lens Slingers group may be right for you. As a member, you'll get a once-a-month webinar with a Quick Lesson to keep your photography skills sharp, an image critique, critiquing a photo submitted by a member, and access to Walty’s Weekly Webinar, so you can ask any questions that crop up between Lens Slinger Webinars.

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Inner Circle sessions are a chance to really let loose in the studio. First, we combine stunning models, sophisticated concepts, and advanced equipment into an unbeatable mix. Then we add our light wizardry. Then we stand back to admire the sheer awesomeness of what we've created. Everyone gets a chance to create, just to see what you can do. These sessions are invitation-only and they do require completion of at least our Beyond the Basics course. Getting an invitation, though, can be as simple as letting us know you're interested.

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Monetizing on your photography skills may not be as easy as it looks. Having a marketing plan as well as a business plan helps. In this course we'll look at what it takes to make your photography business a success. You will develop your very own marketing and business plan. Also included is a limited amount of personal coaching to get you started.

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    The Basics Lite - 3 Weeks course

Sometimes, you know you need some help, but you aren't quite ready and willing to invest the time and money in a full-blown, soup-to-nuts education. Our 3-week Basics Lite course might suit your needs. We'll hit the high points and get you started down the road to better controlling your camera.

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Dip your toes in the Digital Photography pool. Whether you are thinking about getting a digital camera or just got one, this class should help you to figure out what your next steps could be. We will be discussing what you need to get from pushing the shutter to getting a photo printed. No question is too big or too small. We'll take them all.

We don't run this class regularly; visit the class page to see when the next one is scheduled.

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 Pop on by to pick our brains and check us out. We'll try to answer your questions and help you figure out what steps to take next. Drop-Ins are usually on a Friday and you'll find on the Drop-In page when the next one is. 
There is no charge and the cookies are free.

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     Gift Certificates

Looking for a gift for your favorite photography enthusiast?
Look no further! Gift Certificates are available in different denominations and can be applied to any of our courses.

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     Package Deals

If you love photography and know you want to develop your hobby as far as possible, you can combine our most popular courses and save on package deals.
Available deals may vary.

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     Private Lessons

If our courses and classes don't fit with your schedule, or if you have a specific issue you need a leg up on, our private lessons may be for you. We usually schedule double blocks of time for a 90 minute session. Anything longer than that usually loses its effectiveness.
Private lessons can cover anything you'd like to learn more about. From connecting the dots on your camera skills to cleaning up your Lightroom catalogs, we are here to help you.
You sign up on-line and we'll contact you to schedule your private lesson to fit your schedule. It is that easy.

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