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You've mastered the basics of your camera. You've learned to apply the principles of visual design and composition - now you're taking photos that are works of art, not just pretty pictures. What's next? We're glad you asked. Our Photo Explorers program is designed for those who want to keep honing their photography skills in the field, and sharpen the editing skills that make better photos jaw-droppingly awesome.

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C1MAPE Photo Explorers - Membership program pairing a photo excursion with an editing session

Join a group of friendly photography enthusiasts that love to hang in gorgeous places and take photos. C1M Academy Photo Explorers are a group of fun and relaxed people that share a love for photography.  One a month we go on location to take photos. And then we'll meet again  to maximize our photographs' beauty using editing software.

Our courses and classes are built around the idea that practice makes perfect.

In other words, learning about the basic functions of your camera and studying the theory of composition are both important, but they fall flat without a hands-on component. That's why our courses always include time in the studio and homework assignments that help students cement what they learned in the classroom through practical application. Our Photo Explorers program is the natural extension of our belief that practice makes perfect.

Photo Explorers helps you stay connected.

Once they've been through our Basics and Beyond the Basics courses, many of our students find they want to stay connected and involved with the community of photographers they've come to know. And, by the time they've taken a couple of our courses, many things that seemed overwhelming at first now begin to make sense. Photo Explorers is the place to pull all that knowledge together and apply it in the field - quite literally. Each month, enrolled students meet for a photography field trip. The lessons are informal, but still important, as being out and about taking photos allows time to talk about filters, natural lighting and composition, and other elements of photography that have been touched on in the Basics and Beyond the Basics courses. A week or two after the on-location shoot, students meet in the studio to learn and apply cutting-edge photo editing and enhancing techniques - those little touches that make an already great photo truly breathtaking.

The longer you participate in our Photo Explorers program, the more you'll gain.

That's why we offer 12-month and 24-month enrollments as the standard options. If it were up to us, we'd love to see everyone choose the 24-month option - not because it's better for us, but because repeated polishing of your photography skills will lead to a level of refinement that will make something truly special of your images. Our 6-week Basics course, 9-week Beyond the Basics, and 8 weeks Advanced Photography course can be intense. They meet weekly and offer a wealth of information in a relatively short amount of time. Photo Explorers takes a step back in intensity, but gives you the chance to put small refinements and elegant touches on your skills. If our earlier courses are like the construction phase of building a house, Photo Explorers is the phase where you consult the interior decorator and add the color, texture, and personality that make that house your home.

Throughout a year, some of the Photo Shoots may be on a weeknight evening and others on a Saturday or Sunday, depending on the students and the season. Photo Shoot sessions usually last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours and we meet at a predetermined spot. Signed up students will receive an email with a link to a map, making finding the location really easy. Usually Photo Shoot locations will be in southern NH and northern MA, within about 1-2 hour driving distance from the Manchester / Nashua area. Locations and meeting times will be discussed and agreed upon at the end of the previous Photo Explorers night. Editing sessions take place at the C1M Academy classroom facilities on a Monday or a Tuesday night.

And now there's even more ...

Our Hands-On Workshops are included free of charge when you enroll in our Photo Explorers program. At least one Saturday morning each month - and sometimes more - we'll be holding a 3-hour workshop designed to focus on and delve deeply into a single aspect of photography. Each workshop will be fun and hands-on, just like our Photo Explorers field trips are. Some workshops may involve a model, and, if they do, a $30 model fee applies.


Click here to see the details about our Hands-On Workshops.

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You will need your own camera. (Point and shoots are welcome)

The instruction booklet for your camera.

A thumb drive, to share your images with your instructor.

Having a laptop computer with Adobe Lightroom on it would be good.

A sense of humor and plenty of enthusiasm is a plus.

Photo Shoot themes / location may include:

Spring in the mountains / Monadnock region

Beautiful gardens / Beaverbrook Hollis, NH

York's Wild Kingdom / York, Maine

Grungy beauty / Fort Stark and Newcastle Island

Quechee Gorge / Quechee, Vermont

Downtown Boston / Boston, MA

Rugged beauty of the Souhegan River, Souhegan Valley, NH

Fall at the Orchard / Greenville, NH

Fort McClary and Nubble Light / Kittery and York, Maine

Shelburne, MA Bridge of Flowers


Motif #1 / Rockport, MA

The Kanc / Kancamangus River NH

Madame Sheri's Castle, Chesterfield, NH

Newburyport, MA

Plum Island, MA

Sunrise at Wallis Sands, Rye, NH

Using your flash / C1M Studios

Studio lighting / C1M Studios

Posing a subject / C1M Studios

Crafting a portrait / C1M Studios

If you have a suggestion for a location that you don't see on this list, don't be shy.

We're always looking for new places to shoot. If you have a favorite location or somewhere you've been wanting to go that hasn't made our list yet, let us know. At each Tweak & Toast editing session, we decide as a group where our next shoot will be. Majority rules - in Photo Explorers, as in life, the world is run by people who show up. Everyone's input is always welcome.

Continuous membership Program.



6 Months for

$150 / month


 12 Months for

$100 / month


 24 Months for

$80 / month


Our Photo Explorers program is intended to provide long-term immersion in the practice and principles of photography. The longer you participate, the more benefit there will be to you. Therefore, we're offering an installment payment option on 24 month membership only. If you sign up for our Easy Pay installment plan, you'll pay in 4 easy installments:

Pay one payment of $504 at checkout and 3 further monthly payments of $504 for a total  of $2,016 including a $96 installment plan admin cost.

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Membership Options:

Photo Explorers membership is available as a monthly subscription, or, prepaid for a fixed time period. Prepaid options offer you a greater discount the longer you go, with an Installment plan for the 24 month Photo Explorers membership.
Based on the nature of the Photo Explorers membership program we ask for at least a 6 months commitment on your monthly subscription. After that, your subscription extends itself month by month until you cancel it. But, we hope to keep you as a member for much longer.

Monthly Subscription:

By clicking on Subscribe you agree to a Photo Explorers membership for at least 6 months, after which you can cancel at any time.
Your credit card or PayPal account will be billed $178 each month for at least a 6 month period, after which your membership will extend itself on a month to month basis until you cancel.

By purchasing a seat in this course you agree to our terms and conditions of sale. Your retainer fee reserves your seat and is fully refunded if the course is canceled. Per RSA 361-B, you may cancel this transaction any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of this transaction. When you sign up we'll send you an email to confirm. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours, please call us. From time to time, we videotape our classes, so it is possible that you will be recorded while studying with us. Warning: On rare occasions we do run out of chocolate chip cookies.

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