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Stunning models. Sophisticated concepts. Bending the light this way and that to create sheerly awesome images. Every so often, we just have to gather a group together and let loose in the studio, just to see what might happen. These shoots are invitation-only, but getting an invitation isn't all that hard. Just submit your contact information below to let us know you'd like to be included.

 C1MACIC - Inner Circle Shoots

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 Amherst, NH

Inner Circle sessions are scheduled as the muse may strike and we typically are set on a focus topic. Be it to capture motion or emotion, light or shadow, shape or form, we work together in a calm, collected way to create. To create something stunning. Something worth creating. Focusing on harmony and perfection, we use all we have learned, all the tools and skills available, to make images that tickle our brains and exceed our imagination.

We may be known for the beauty of our models, in the Inner Circle sessions we use that beauty as one of about 8 elements, and as the fulcrum to create images are striking based on their simplicity, clarity and breathtaking beauty.

As you may imagine, Inner Circle session require a slower, more deliberate approach, and a smaller group of artists to gather and work together in a stress-free environment. Where the slower pace and calmer atmosphere is conducive to the creation of finer details. Giving you more time to be deliberate and to try out small but possibly dramatic changes to explore what works best.

If this appeals to you, make sure we know you want to be part of the Inner Circle. The space is limited and the price tag maybe not for everyone, you will be hard pressed to find creative opportunities of this caliber anywhere.

To let us know you want to be considered for upcoming Inner Circle sessions, please drop your name and email below.

If we have space, we’ll invite you to the next Inner Circle session and let you know all the details, including the schedule and the price at that time. You will then have 48 hours to go ahead and reserve your seat. After that, we may offer it to someone else.


An SLR camera

Recording medium (e.g.: Compact Flash or SD card)

Completion of Beyond the Basics

Your imagination. Please set it to "stun."

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