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There is a whole, beautiful world outside in front of your camera. This course will help you get the best digital photo out of any scene or situation by focusing on improving the artistic elements that need to come together to create a great photo.

This course is part of our Foundations Series. For a side-by-side comparison of all our Foundations courses, click here.

 Course C1MAC2 - Beyond The Basics (Intermediate: Composition and creativity)

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9 Weeks • Wednesday evenings 6:30-8:30


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 Amherst, NH

March 21st, 2018

Seats available: 18

Mastery over the systems of your camera is only the first step towards becoming an accomplished photographer. There is ground to be covered between taking photos that are technically sound - in terms of focus, exposure and so on - and taking photos that are artistically pleasing.

Our Intermediate photography course will focus on the more artistic side of photography, with more emphasis on composition and creativity. You'll learn about the elements of visual design, the principles of visual design, as well as how to properly critique an image using the industry standards of an award-winning image. We'll also go on a class field trip where you'll have the opportunity to practice your new skills in a live situation. The culmination of the class will be your first Gallery Show.

Included with the course are all the notes you may need to take. We already have that done for you. You will get a well- organized binder with notes and information for each photography class. This photography course ends with a Photographic Art Gallery Show, where you display some of your work to about 200 guests.

This course runs only twice in a year and sells out fast. Usually one course starts in spring and the next one in fall.


A digital Point And Shoot or SLR (strongly recommended) camera

Recording medium (e.g.: Film, Compact Flash or SD card)

Instruction booklet that came with the camera

Class 1: Comprehensive review/What makes a winning photo

Class 2: The elements of visual design

Class 3: The principles of visual design

Class 4: Advanced lighting and exposure techniques

Class 5: Field trip!

Class 6: Project presentation and selecting images

Class 7: Matting and titling

Class 8: Framing and getting ready for the Art Gallery Show

Class 9: Art Gallery Show

Get your certificate in Photographic Composition. All you need to do is attend 4 of the 8 classes and participate in the Art Gallery Show.

Your $749 course retainer reserves your seat in the next course at our Amherst, NH location. Your course book is included with that price.



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Student Testimonials

I really enjoyed my Beyond the Basics class. Walter creates a good environment to learn. The way he explains things is clear, and you can see the progress you're making. I would recommend the course to anybody.


Celine, Epsom, NH

Photography Beyond the Basics taught me that I already knew a lot, but there's an immense amount I still need to learn. Every week, I learned more and more about how to improve my photos. And I learned that I love the pictures I take, so I need to frame them and put them around where I can see them and enjoy them. Now my house is going to be filled with my own photography of things that matter to me.


Amy, Merrimack, NH

In the Basics course, I learned all about the nitty-gritty - aperture, shutter, how they work together. Beyond the Basics was all about using them creatively to be able to make the image I want.


Erica, Litchfield, NH

The thing I liked best about Beyond the Basics is that it gave me the chance to use what I'd learned in the Basics in a more artistic sort of way. I found that even though I thought I was pretty good at laying out a photo, I had definitely gained some knowledge from the composition piece of the course.


Hunter, Claremont, NH

In Beyond the Basics, I learned a lot about lighting and choosing subject matter and how to take better images. I'm looking forward to practicing while we're on break before the next course starts.


Margaret, Pembroke, NH

After Beyond the Basics, I know how to compose pictures now, so when I travel to other countries, I'm going to get better pictures than I could before. The class field trip was one of the things I liked the best. I liked that we were all learning together.


Roberto, Claremont, NH

I learn best by actually doing, and that’s what I liked best about Beyond the Basics. A lot of it is hands-on. The classroom stuff is informative, but when we actually went out and practiced what we’d talked about in class, that helped me really understand how to take better photos. I learned a lot about lighting techniques and posing subjects. I would definitely recommend C1M.


Dani, Milford, NH

Looking back at the pictures I took when I first started Beyond the Basics, I was shocked at the improvement I made. A lot of subtle things, like where to put your subject or what different colors convey made a big difference in my photographs. I had a lot of fun and I always looked forward to class. Walter made it easy to learn everything and I could go at my own pace.


Jill, Bow, NH

Beyond the Basics taught me a little more subtlety in composition, so my photos look better and less like stock graphics. I liked the weekly assignments that got me out there practicing with my camera. I feel like what Walter teaches is stuff you can't get just learning on your own. You need somebody who can direct you and who has been there and has the teaching background.


Janis, Tyngsboro, MA

After taking Beyond the Basics, I think that I am finally starting to understand light so much more than I did before, and I am so much more comfortable with my camera and its settings. I can very quickly adjust my camera to get the photo I want. I loved the alphabet assignment. It really helped me to get out of my mindset and think more creatively about what's around me. It is so easy to learn from Walter, and he teaches a lot of things that aren't necessarily textbook - they're from his experience.


Karen, Milford, NH

I learned a lot about how to compose a picture. My favorite part was working with lighting and practicing taking good shots and trying to get more bokeh. I learned a lot about that and how to kind of meld composition and lighting together to make a photo look good. I needed that very badly. I would highly recommend Beyond the Basics.


Heather, Swanzey, NH

In Beyond the Basics, I learned about some of the rules of composition, what makes an image great, what raises an image from being ordinary. I learned that I still have a lot to learn. It was great fun. Walter teaches in a very interesting, human manner. He makes it fun for everybody and speaks to people at their level, so I would most certainly recommend it.


Katalina, Winchester, MA

Taking Photography Beyond the Basics really helped me to develop and grow my style in photography. What I liked best about the classes was the energy. If anyone had a problem, everyone kind of came together to help solve it. I think it's a very easy learning situation - you just come to the class and you learn so much. I would definitely recommend it.


Hannah, Merrimack, NH

I took Walter’s Basics class, and then Beyond the Basics 18 months later. I really can't wait to come back to C1M again for the next course. My favorite part of Beyond the Basics was lighting. I learned great little tips for shooting in natural light, and I also really enjoyed the class on in-studio lighting.


Tammy,  Sullivan, NH

I learned how to more effectively utilize my camera to get clearer, crisper photos and really broaden my knowledge of my camera and how to take better pictures. Not only that, but the course was so much fun. I'd recommend C1M because Walter’s got the patience of a saint. His knowledge is so broad, but yet he was still able to come down to my level and explain things so clearly.


KD, Brookline, NH

What I like about learning at C1M is that it's not stuffy. There's not a lot of pressure. If you don't  get it right, it's not like you failed. You just have to rethink it. Walter is very patient about walking you through anything you don’t understand. Beyond the Basics taught me not to be so afraid of some of the buttons on my camera, and learning metering was really important to me. I like knowing now when I go to shoot a picture I have an idea of what the settings should be and I don’t have to fumble around so much.


Tracy, Northwood, NH

I had a lot of fun in Photography Beyond the Basics. I learned so much, and I'm way more comfortable with my camera now than when I started. This course helped me see things in a different, more creative way.


Sarah, Concord, NH

I've seen my work get better from taking Beyond the Basics. I learned how to position my subjects better and I'm paying more attention to the details. For anyone who is wondering if they should take the course, I'd tell them to go for it - they'll learn so much.


Veronique, Nashua, NH

I would definitely recommend the Beyond the Basics course. There's more to a picture than you think. Even photos that are just casual can be improved by taking a minute to make sure everything is the way you want it before you take the picture. You don't have to take 42 pictures in a row and then pick the best one. You can get the shot you want the first time.


Amy, Hudson, NH

People say I'm creative, but I don't personally see it, so having the assignments helped me figure out how to see more creatively. I would say that anyone could learn a whole lot from Walter, because the course is very hands on. I had fun.


Kaitlyn, Weare, NH

I had a lot of fun in Beyond the Basics and learned so much. I learned to be more in touch with the artistic side of photography and to pay attention to my surroundings. I learned a lot about my new camera, which has so many more functions than I was aware of. It's nice to feel like you know what you're doing and like you have control over the images you're taking instead of the camera being in control. It's very rewarding to feel like you're part of the art you're attempting to create. I think anyone could take something from the course, whether they were a beginner or an advanced photographer.


Jes, Bedford, NH

By taking Beyond the Basics, I gained confidence in how to make my images look more professional. Photography is truly my passion. I was self-taught, so I kind of "winged it." Walter's course brought me to the next level. He really got into detail with everything and took time to make sure that we understood. People are seeing the difference in my work since I've taken the course and wanting to hire me. I'm getting more bookings because of the images I'm able to put out now. I just photographed a wedding, and everything Walter taught me came into play. My clients were absolutely satisfied with every picture I gave them, and I owe it all to what I learned in Beyond the Basics.


Krystal, Pelham, NH

I took photography classes in Manchester before finding C1M, and I didn't make any progress at all. It was all lecture, we didn't have assignments, and the teacher went very fast. In Walter's Beyond the Basics course, I saw progress. Lightbulbs went on. Walter teaches at a mellow pace. He gives lots of hands-on work and there are assignments to complete outside of class. Walter also critiqued our photos, which I didn't get from my other classes. I learned to find art anywhere, and I loved the course. It was awesome.


Barbara, Chester, NH

I think that if you're interested in improving your photography, it's really important to have the structure of a class and to work with other photographers. I knew about elements and principals of design before, but when I'd go to take pictures, I'd sometimes find myself rushing and not really stopping to think it all through. The course made me much more intentional, and I think my photos definitely benefited from that. I'd taken an adult ed course before, and a few Craftsy classes on my own, but Walter's course was much better for the time investment and having the teacher - and other students - right there.


Debbie, Hollis, NH

I had a blast in Walter's Beyond the Basics course, and I've gotten a lot more confident in my photography. When I was looking for a photography class to take, I compared the course to a community college course, and Walter's went into more depth in digital photography than anything else I found near me.


Daniel, Lowell, MA

There's a lot of classes out there, but I don't think you'll experience anything as good as what you'll find with Walter, because he's hands-on. If you have any questions, he stops and he'll walk you through any issues or problems. I just loved his sense of humor. The course was definitely worth my time, and I'm looking forward to taking more classes at C1M in the future.


Carl, Milford, NH

I just took the intermediate class & I loved it! We made friends, had fun and learned the elements to create beautiful photography. The art show was a blast - we were in awe of the skills every classmate developed in an 8 week course! Thanks Walter!


Alyssa, Medford, MA

If you are looking to get your photography or post work up to the next level, Walter is the guy! More tips than your average hard drive can handle!


Doug, Amherst, NH

During the Beyond the Basics course, I gained confidence shooting in manual, and I had fun. I enjoyed learning not only from Walter bur from my classmates. Everyone was in a different place, and so I think we taught each other, and Walter encouraged that.


Su, Merrimack, NH

Beyond the Basics gave me a better sense of perspective in taking pictures, and I definitely learned more about lighting. I liked interacting with Walter and with my classmates. Being able to hear feedback from peers is always helpful. When you put your heart into something and somebody else appreciates it, that's always rewarding.


Donna, Manchester, NH

During Photography Beyond the Basics, I definitely gained confidence with the camera. I also learned to think outside the box artistically, and I'm more willing to take risks with my shots. The course was great.


Erica, Milford, NH

Composition was my biggest fear, but I think I learned more about it. That, and to learn more about lighting and framing, were what I wanted to get out of Beyond the Basics, and I did. My favorite part of the course was looking at everyone else's pictures and naming and picking pieces for the art show. That was a lot of fun.


Heather, Brookline, NH

I enjoyed the overall experience of taking Beyond the Basics. I liked the field trip. That was a lot of fun.


MacKenzie, Londonderry, NH

I enjoyed the overall experience of taking Beyond the Basics. I liked the field trip. That was a lot of fun.


MacKenzie, Londonderry, NH

I got a lot out of Photography Beyond the Basics. I think now I can put an image together so that it's appealing to the eye and not just a snapshot. The most fun for me was taking the pictures for homework assignments and the art show, because now I know what to look for. I knew what I wanted to see in my finished photo, instead of just, "oh, that's pretty."


Kristen, Alstead, NH

What I mostly got out of Beyond the Basics was to take my time and try to see the final image. That improved my composition skills, because instead of just taking  a lot of pictures, I was thinking about what I wanted the result to be beforehand. I really enjoyed the homework, too. It was fun having a goal every week.


Cindy, Lunenburg, MA

I discovered my style from this class, based on the homeworks that you had us do. I've always tried taking pictures of pretty things, and I just didn't like how they came out. Then we had a homework assignment to create abstract art, and I realized that I just like the simple things.


Meaghan, Manchester, NH

Taking Beyond the Basics helped me develop a more creative viewpoint. The course was so much fun. With a teacher like Walter, how could we not have fun?


Ann, Nashua, NH


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