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Here is where you'll find All the Rest of what we offer

Here you'll find All the Rest - all the things we offer that don't quite fit under our other umbrellas. If you're looking to buy a bundle of courses all at once, you're in the right place. If you want to give the gift of education to a photography enthusiast in your life, you're in the right place. If you're on a firm footing with your camera in most respects but feel like you need an hour or two of one-on-one attention to help you over a specific issue, yes, you're in the right place.


     Gift Certificates

Looking for a gift for your favorite photography enthusiast?
Look no further! Gift Certificates are available in different denominations and can be applied to any of our courses.

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     Package Deals

If you love photography and know you want to develop your hobby as far as possible, you can combine our most popular courses and save on package deals.
Available deals may vary.

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     Private Lessons

If our courses and classes don't fit with your schedule, or if you have a specific issue you need a leg up on, our private lessons may be for you. We usually schedule double blocks of time for a 90 minute session. Anything longer than that usually loses its effectiveness.
Private lessons can cover anything you'd like to learn more about. From connecting the dots on your camera skills to cleaning up your Lightroom catalogs, we are here to help you.
You sign up on-line and we'll contact you to schedule your private lesson to fit your schedule. It is that easy.

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