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This is the course for you if you're ready to take photography to the next level. Whether that involves setting up your own studio to explore portrait photography or selling your landscape photography to support your camera gear habit, we can help.

Taking it to the next level

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 C1MAC3 - Advanced Photography

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8 Weeks • Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:30

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 Amherst, NH

You have mastered taking photos that are technically sound - the basics. And you've learned to apply the principles of composition and visual design to take photos that are artistically pleasing. What is left to learn? We're glad you asked, because we have an answer. And that answer is: a lot.

Our Advanced photography course will show you how to build on your technical mastery and creative development to become a truly accomplished photographer. We'll teach you how to sling some gear (beyond just your camera and tripod). We'll show you how to work with your subjects effectively so that you're collaborating to make stunning images, rather than dictating directions to models in a detached way that undermines the subject-photographer relationship. We'll dive into two powerful photo organizing and editing tools to give you the most control possible over how your images turn out. And, finally, we'll help you begin to get a handle on the thing many find most challenging: the marketing, pricing, and packaging of your photographic skill and products.

Included with the course is your own personal course book with work sheets for Class 8. Each chapter corresponds to a class in the course and contains all the relevant information you may need.

This course runs only once a year in Fall.


A digital Point And Shoot or SLR (strongly recommended) camera

Recording medium (e.g.: Film, Compact Flash or SD card)

Instruction booklet that came with the camera

Later in the course, a laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop installed will be very helpful


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Here's how we help you take it to the next level. C1MAC3 Course Syllabus:

Class 1:

Recap of Photography the Basics and Photography Beyond the Basics

We'll hit the highlights of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, and then cover how they interconnect. We'll give a refresher on whitebalance and light metering so that the mechanics of your camera don't trip you up. Finally, we'll review the elements and principals of visual design and refresh your mind on how to apply them for pleasing composition and subject placement.

Class 2:

Flash Photography and an Introduction to Studio Lighting, advanced lighting concepts

Not all of your photo shoots will present you with ideal lighting conditions. We'll show you how to best use your flash to better manage murky lighting conditions. And then we'll introduce you to studio lighting equipment and teach you how it's used for total lighting control. Learning to see light sounds easy but takes some time. We'll get you going on the road of dramatic illumination.

Class 3:

Directing and Posing Subjects

Getting people to look their best is only easy if you don't do it yourself. Finding someone's optimum angle and best pose is an intuitive dance between subject and photographer. It requires a connection and a dialogue each time. It can be uncomfortable - but it's necessary if you want your photography to be as good as it can be. We'll show you how to start.

Class 4:

Using Lightroom to Select and Edit Images

Coming back from a photo shoot with an onslaught of images can be overwhelming. Unless you have a system in place for culling images and organizing your editing to help you get a handle on things. We'll show you the approach we use in our studio to sort and select images to edit.

Class 5:

Introduction to Photoshop

Brace yourself. Photoshop is amazingly powerful. And with great power comes great confusion, sometimes. We will help you make sense of how Photoshop works and guide you past the frustration that can come from trying to learn the program on your own.

Class 6:

Finding Your Niche: Marketing and Pricing Your Work

Finding your way through the jungle of photography will be a lot easier if you can learn from others' mistakes. We'll tell you the ones we've made, freeing you up to make brand new mistakes that are all your own.

Class 7:

Developing Your Style: Business and Packaging Ideas

We'll work with you to solidify your style, and work through ideas to strengthen your photography business. We'll also help you come up with packaging ideas that will appeal to potential clients without giving away the farm.

Class 8:

Graduation night: Share your marketing plan and packaging ideas with the class. Receive your certificate in advanced photography.


This is a relatively new course. Syllabus subject to modification with or without notice.

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Student Testimonials

Advanced Photography helped me with marketing - how to figure out where my customers will be and how to tell what my customers want.


Melody, Mont Vernon, NH

I want to make more than a hobby out of photography, but I can't make money selling stuff that I want to decorate my house with. I have to find some other niche. Working through the Advanced Photography course helped me to see that there's an obvious solution in front of me. I just have to package it correctly.


Christoph, Nashua, NH

Advanced Photography helped me narrow my style down, and now that I've identified what style I want to go after, I can work on perfecting that and build that around the plan, going forward, of the market for the kind of work I want to do. The course brought me back to what drew me to photography in the first place.


Darrell, Nashua, NH

I love the idea of getting into a gallery setting and having my art in front of people. Right now I can only do that online because it's what my budget allows, but it's a good step in that direction. Advanced Photography really opened my mind up to doing the business part of it, and I've been getting a lot more creative with my camera and getting out in the field more, too, because of the course.


Daniel, Lowell, MA

For me, the best part of Advanced Photography was talking about a lot of marketing aspects specific to photography - what not to put out there; how to involve the client; how to bring them into the process and find out what they need so you can best give them the service they're looking for.


Jes, Bedford, NH

I thought Advanced Photography was great. To me, photography is still largely a hobby, but I can see it someday being something else. I think the course helped to focus me in that direction. I also really liked the marketing and business aspects we talked about, thinking through how you would actually make money at this. I get it and I've had business courses before, but to see Walter put it in terms of photography was very helpful.


George, Brookline, NH


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