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You just got a new camera ...

It's a familiar story: you get a brand new digital camera, and you can't wait to begin taking the best photos of your life. But then, you run smack into the fact that your camera is very confusing and complicated. So much so, that it often gets in the way of you being the skilled (and happy) photographer you dream of being.

You've been photographing for a while ...

You know your camera is capable of so much more. You know a lot about photography and you know that there is a lot left you would love to learn. No matter where you are in your skill level or what you’d love to learn next, we can help you find the best path for you to dramatically improve your photography and take it to the next level.

Helping people to become better photographers, one picture at a time ...

We've created a series of courses, classes and hands-on workshops that, together, make a comprehensive learning path for you to follow, with multiple options. And you won't be alone. Like the Beatles, we wanna hold your hand.

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Photography is supposed to be fun:

We want to make it easy for everyone to enjoy learning in a positive and supportive setting. Our photography classes are very informal, and it helps if you have a sense of humor. We tell students if they get frustrated to stop doing what they are doing, because most likely they are missing something small. Photography is supposed to be an exciting, positive and enjoyable pastime and we try to make learning fun and hands-on.
If you sign up for a course and miss a class, we make it easy for you to make up. You can come in and take part in any of the upcoming courses, and all we ask is that you let us know to expect you.

Our clients love photography and enjoy our learning environment.
But don't just believe us, read on to see what they have to say:

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Student Testimonials

Walter is a GREAT teacher. I am so far advanced from when I first walked into class 6 snowy weeks ago. Thank you for helping me to enjoy my hobby more than I ever thought possible!


Bob, Mont Vernon, NH

As of the fifth week of Photography the Basics, I was able to set my camera completely on manual, and when I was having problems with color and brightness, I was able to actually figure it out for myself. That's huge. I learned to control my camera in order to get the photo I wanted.


Terri, Londonderry, NH

I learned a lot in the Basics class. What made it work well for me was how hands-on it was. When I do things myself, I learn more, and now I know what all the buttons are on my camera and how to put everything together. I'll be going on to the intermediate course.


Sue, Nashua, NH

At the beginning of Photography the Basics,I was frustrated with all the terms - aperture, ISO, focal length - and felt like I'd never understand it. The last two weeks of the course, everything seemed to kind of mesh together and make sense. I definitely want to take the intermediate course when I can. What I've learned so far made me love photography more.


Nicole, Pepperell, MA

I really enjoyed the Basics course. I learned to go from automatic to manual in 5 weeks, and it brought back a lot of things I had known long ago. Now I know what all the little buttons on my camera are. I learned a lot. I'll be back in the spring for the intermediate course.


Frank, Merrimack, NH

When I started Photography the Basics, I had a goal to really learn about my camera so I could use it out of auto mode. During the classes, I learned that and more, which I'm really glad about. I've always loved photography, and being in this class with all these nice people and Walter always kept me feeling positive. It really drove me to do well on the homework assignments.


Kameron, Goffstown, NH

I enjoyed Photography the Basics very much. I liked Walter's teaching style. He teaches at just the right pace and throws some humor in there. I never lost focus, which is easy to do for me. I thought it was really good.


Leanne, Westford, MA

Now that I've taken Photography the Basics, I remember how to shoot on manual. I learned more in the course than I had anticipated. And I'm sticking around for the intermediate class!


Kate, Hollis, NH

Before taking Photography the Basics, I never used anything but auto, and the only way I knew to adjust lighting was to use the flash. I was taking pictures this weekend, and they looked kind of dark. I knew what to do, so I just changed my settings, took a picture, and it came out fine.


Tracy, Goffstown, NH

I've always enjoyed taking pictures, but I needed a push into the digital age. I used to take pictures with a 35mm camera, and then when digitals came out I just had no clue. I'm not computer literate, I'm not good with gadgets, and so my kids basically got me Photography the Basics because they knew I needed to be pushed into it. I learned a lot. I know how to go about using my camera now, so I've got a good starting place and I do plan to take more courses at C1M.


Cindy,  Manchester, NH

Before Photography the Basics, I didn't know much about photography. I had a good camera, and it was always on auto. I'm happy to know there's so much more opportunity for creativity within photography. I feel like there are ways to be abstract with the camera that I just never really thought about, so I'm excited to explore that.


Carol,  Temple, NH

In the Basics, I learned to put shutter, aperture and ISO together and the effects that they have. I have a little more control over the way I can take a picture. It makes me think a little bit more about how to take a picture and the effects I can get - just taking some shots and doing that, I've come up with some shots that are really interesting, artistically speaking.


Debbie, Hollis, NH

I've taken photography courses before, but with film cameras, so the Basics helped me translate what I knew from that to digital. There was one class that made me feel like the lightbulb came on and I really "got" it. I went to a performance at my kids' school recently, and I took pictures in manual mode with my actual camera, not my cellphone, and they actually came out pretty good!


Becky, Milford, NH

In Photography the Basics, I learned what all those little numbers on my camera mean and how to shoot in manual. I've never used manual. Plus, from the first class on, I learned how to use some of the settings on my camera that I didn't even know were there - like ISO, whitebalance, and focus control.


Patty, Pepperell, MA

I feel like the course taught me how much I didn't know about photography and especially about the workings of the camera. I still have a little way to go before it's really second nature, but I'm definitely leaps and bounds past where I was in understanding how to use the settings to get good photos.


Dan, Peterborough, NH

I took photography back in college in the 80s, so I don't remember much, plus it was all manual back then, with film. Digital is just so much better, and now that I understand the settings and how they work together, I'm looking forward to photographing with my camera instead of my phone.


Cathy, Derry, NH

Taking Photography the Basics gave me a better understanding of what everything on my camera does. I came into the course with no knowledge at all because I've always just used a point-and-shoot camera. Now that I understand what aperture, ISO, and so forth, do and why, I can play with the settings and become a better photographer.


Terri,  Londonderry, NH

I've gotten a lot out of The Basics, which is great. I think I understand better about how to control lighting, which I didn't really before, and ultimately I just have more confidence that I can take better pictures now.


Sarah, Pelham, NH

I absolutely loved the course and hopefully now that I know how to use my digital camera, I can get to be better than what I was just by using my little Samsung that I had.


Carol, Bedford, NH

I learned a lot in the Basics course. I learned that you don't have to use flash or all these special settings to take a good picture. I feel like I have more of an understanding now of how to balance my aperture and ISO to get good results.


Nick, Derry, NH

I've never really liked my photos, but now I know how to figure things out if it's too bright or too dark. After taking the Basics course, I see the difference in my photos. I know how to take a nice picture now. I thought I knew before, but now I think I'm doing even better.


Jana, Tyngsboro, MA

I’ve had my camera for so long, but I would always end up reverting back to auto because I would get frustrated trying to look at the manuals to figure out what was going on. There was just so much information that it was just overwhelming for me even just looking at the camera. After taking Photography the Basics, I don’t feel afraid of my camera anymore, and I’m looking forward to practicing with it.


Susan, Hollis, NH

I think I started Photography the Basics with probably the experience of anybody in the class. I literally did not know how to turn my camera on. Now I have a basic understanding of some of the terminology like ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and I'm thankful for that. I can maneuver through my camera’s settings. More that that, though, I think just hearing from everybody in the class about the things that intimidated or frustrated them was very encouraging to me as a beginner photographer. It helped me to understand that I shouldn't just get frustrated and turn away - that others who have a lot more experience and a lot more exposure to photography are still learning as well.


Betsy, Contoocook, NH

I got exactly what I hoped for out of Photography the Basics. Now I know so much more about the camera, where to find things, how to set them, and I'm more confident that I will get a good picture when I'm shooting stuff instead of just hoping and praying I'm getting something useable.


Marc, Londonderry, NH

I pretty much always kept my camera in shutter mode before I took the Basics course, because I was mostly photographing hockey indoors. Now I know how the exposure triangle works, and I had no clue about that before. Looking back at some of my older photos, I can see that they came out too dark, but now I know what to do to fix that.


Kristen, Nashua, NH

I was a little intimidated by all these buttons and widgets on my camera, and now I feel very comfortable taking it out and trying it. I think I'm getting much better pictures. Taking the Basics definitely reinvigorated my passion for picking up the camera.


Craig, Pepperell, MA

For me, what I most hoped to get out of the course was to be able to figure out what to do when a picture isn’t turning out the way I want it to. It was a struggle because I didn't know where to go when things went wrong, and I spent an enormous amount of time trying to capture a particular photo and often ended up not being able to capture it. Photography the Basics helped me put things together in my mind so it shortened the time it takes me to figure out what settings to change and why.


Frank, Nashua, NH

Photography the Basics was a good detailed review for me. I had a Canon SLR a long time ago, you know, back when you bought ISO 100, 200, or 400 film. In some ways, this is a piece of cake in comparison. However, I really needed more work on the digital aspect of my camera. I still have some work to do, but I feel like this course gave me a good place to start.


Cathy, Brookline, NH

I didn't know anything at all about my camera when I came into the Basics course, and now I feel like I have a good grasp of shutter speed, aperture and ISO - that's very helpful. Now I can go out and practice, practice, practice so I’ll be able to take the photos I want.


Christine, Amherst, NH

Before I took the Basics course, I didn't know anything about the aperture, the ISO, or even what anything other than what auto mode on my camera did. I feel like I learned a lot of the terminology of photography better. I can take better pictures now.


Hunter, Claremont, NH

I don't feel intimidated taking pictures of people anymore. I feel fairly confident that I can take a decent photo of a person and not fail at it. The course went by so fast, and I enjoyed it so much, that I’m very bummed that it’s over.


Molly, Nashua, NH

Before Photography the Basics, I knew there was shutter, aperture, and ISO, but I never connected them all together and I think this class helped me to do that. I’m taking much better pictures now.


Lori, Nashua, NH

Taking Photography the Basics has made me a lot more deliberate in my camera settings when I start taking photos, and it's been a really good starting off point to give me the framework I needed.


Chelsea, Hudson, NH

The Basics helped a lot with creativity and trying to find different things to take pictures of instead of the same things every time I went out to find stuff to take pictures of.


Regina, Merrimack, NH

Photography the Basics taught me how to use my camera better and I think I can take better pictures now.


Roberto, Claremont, NH

The Basics course is very useful. Before I took it, I didn’t know anything about my camera, and now I feel like I know everything. I was just able to take a picture of a crane in flight, and I got all the details of the feathers and what it was carrying in its mouth. I wouldn’t have been able to do that before!


Alicia, Hudson, NH

I think my favorite part of the Basics course has been that, although I've taken some really bad photos the last few weeks, now I know why they are bad, and I know how to fix them. I don’t get frustrated by my camera anymore.


Amanda, Milford, NH

I'm very excited to get out of auto mode. I love taking photos, so I'm excited to keep playing with my camera. I think the fact that Walter had us practice certain things in the classes and then assigning homework was helpful, because it made you practice it again. The information would sink in a little bit more and a little differently. Even if I didn't do it right at first, I took some of those photos again and again until I got it.


Cathy, Hudson, NH

I've had my camera for probably 7 or 8 years now. I've taken some good photos, but if, for example, I go on vacation, I take a thousand photos and maybe only 10 are really good, because I’m always in auto mode. Now that Photography the Basics got me out of auto mode, I’m comfortable playing with all the settings in manual, and I'm hoping to get better photos this summer.


Elizabeth, Nashua, NH

When I began the Basics course, I had just gotten my camera. I hadn't even taken 10 pictures with it by the time I started class. I just found it online and thought, "I need to take a class!" I'm just amazed that in just 6 weeks, I can look at a photo and know about the shutter speed and aperture it was taken with. I didn't even really know what those were before I took the class, so I feel like I've made a lot of progress.


Karen, Nashua, NH

My goal in taking the Basics course was to be in manual, or to be off auto. I’ve had this camera for a long time. I’ve taken pictures for a long time, thousands and thousands on auto. I think it's awesome that I understand how to take pictures in manual mode now.


Natalie, Merrimack, NH

I wanted to buy a new camera, and I searched for a few months before I realized I really didn’t understand what I was looking at. That’s when I decided to enroll in Photography the Basics. Now I understand the basic functions of a DSLR camera and know what I want in a new camera. I think one of the best things about the course for me is that Walter gave us the individual attention. He took the time to spend with each one of us to show us how our own cameras work.


Shawn, Nashua, NH

Getting my camera off of auto mode has always been my goal, so I'm pretty excited about that. The pace of the course was really good for me, and I think the homework really helped me understand my camera.


Shelley, Manchester, NH

I feel like I got to know my camera. I know where everything is and what all the different settings are for, and because I know that, I now know how to set up a shot to get the photograph I want.


Lynn,  Bedford, NH

I got more than what I expected from the Basics course. I've been taking pictures for a long time, but never really understood what I was doing. I just got lucky on a lot of them and now, putting everything together just makes it much easier. I’m able to take better quality pictures.


KD, Brookline, NH

My goal in taking Photography the Basics was to unhook from my iPhone and stop being intimidated by my DSLR camera. Now when I want to take a photo, I reach for my camera instead of my iPhone, and I actually get quality photos. If I have an idea for a picture I want to take, I know what to do so that it comes out the way I imagine it.


Kate, Pepperell, MA

Photography the Basics was great. I didn't know anything about how to use an actual camera - not just an iPhone - when I signed up for the course, and now I actually know how to take good photos, which I'm really excited about.


David,  Bedford, NH

I got more than I imagined I would out of the Basics course. the biggest thing for me, personally, was learning to really understand the three main components of the camera, which I didn’t have any idea about before.


Patrick, Westford, MA

The class was terrific. I came here with little bit and pieces of knowledge, but here I learned to connect the dots. This is a revelation that I got from this course. Now I can connect the dots, and I see a path and that's really amazing. I look forward to using all the knowledge I learned here.


Dephty, Kittery, Me

My problem was I'd take 15 different pictures of the same thing trying different things to try and get the one I wanted. Now, after the Basics course, it just takes me one or two to hone in on "this is exactly what I wanted, the aperture effect is right, it's all in focus, the lighting is right."


Janis, Tyngsboro, MA

I'm hoping to start a new profession taking pet photos, eventually. I knew everything there was to know about working with dogs - I just didn't know how to take pictures of them. Now, I hope I can combine those talents. After Photography the Basics, I feel a lot more confident, and I'm looking forward to the intermediate class.


Heather, Swanzey, NH

I started a photography business based on my landscape photography, and I wanted to expand into portrait photography, but I lacked confidence in my ability to do that well. With a landscape, you can take a million photos and it’s not going anywhere, but if it’s a portrait session and you don’t get any pictures you’re happy with, that’s awful. Photography the Basics has been great for me. Now I have my bearings, and I feel really confident about saying yes to portrait work and engagement and wedding photos. I don’t feel the sense of dread I used to about getting something wrong.


Ally, Milford, NH

I definitely got more out of the class than I expected. Now when I look at photos I like, I know why I like them, and I know what the settings on my camera should be if I want to recreate that look.


Karen, Milford, NH

Now I understand how the shutter and the aperture relate to each other. Before, I knew how to use them, but I didn't really get their relationship, and knowing that is really helpful.


Joy, Milford, NH

Before I took Photography the Basics, I had no idea what the features on my camera were for. I didn’t know you could adjust different settings to get the picture you want. I didn’t know what a shutter speed was, or an ISO setting. I learned all of that and more, and I feel a lot more comfortable taking pictures now.


Sabrina, Amherst, NH

I definitely got more out of the Basics course than I expected. Learning the functions of my camera and how to put everything together means I’m able to put my iPhone aside, even when my kids are running around, and take pictures of them that then can hang on my wall.


Susie, Mason, NH

The biggest thing I got out of this course is that I got out of auto mode. Now know what all the knobs and buttons mean on the camera. I think the thing I enjoyed the most, though, was the homework assignments. I got a lot out of them because they gave me a reason to go home and practice working with the aperture and the shutter speed.


Linda, Nashua, NH

I didn't really know anything about cameras when I came in here, so I got a lot more out of the course than I expected. I'm pretty excited about knowing what all the buttons are for.


Alexis, Nashua, NH

It was a good experience for my daughter and I to take Photography the Basics together, and a good talk at home working through the homework and talking about why our photos turned out the way they did.


Phillip, Nashua, NH

I haven't even used film cameras for a long time, and then going to digital cameras was just a whole new form of schooling. I got a lot out of Photography the Basics, and now I feel like I'm very select when I go out and take pictures. I don't just go out and start randomly shooting things. I try to think about things, and I’m getting much better photos as a result.


Mike, Hudson, NH

Most of my photography before this course has been lucky shots, I guess. I do a lot of backpacking, I do a lot of climbing. Before, I might have sat for an hour and a half in -30 degree windchill playing with my camera, trying to get a shot. (And having to worry about a battery change due to my camera freezing up in the meantime.) Now I know I'm going to be able to set my camera up beforehand, know what I'm doing, get there, and get my shot in 5 minutes.


Paul, Merrimack, NH

I had a lot of fun in Photography the Basics. I got out of the course exactly what I wanted to get out of the course. I knew what f-stops were and I knew what shutter speeds were, but to be able to use them together to actually make a picture come together was really cool. Walter has a terrific sense of humor, and he has a great way of explaining things.


Kristen, Alstead, NH

I got everything I wanted to out of Photography the Basics and more. I've had my camera forever, and I wish I'd had this course when I first got the camera. It would have saved me a lot of frustration. Everything from the camera manual that I couldn't understand was taught in this course in a very comprehensive manner. The best part was the assignments - getting to go home and put everything I'd learned to work was fun


Heather, Brookline, NH

I really enjoyed Photography the Basics. When I bought the camera, I bought the book for dummies to go with it, and I couldn't get anything out of that book at all. I need a visual type of learning, and that's what Walter gives. He's a really good teacher.


Tamara, Manchester, NH

Photography the Basics was interesting for me. I've been behind the camera for a really long time, and I've learned a lot through trial and error, but it's a lot easier to get the specific shot I want now without having to work as hard at it, which is great.


Sarah, Dublin, NH

After Photography the Basics, I'm definitely more comfortable with my camera settings than I was. I think I read the mini manual that came with my camera 40 times and just couldn't retain it, but now I feel like I can do this and I'm excited to get out there and practice. I feel like I have such a grip on it now.


Lisa, Londonderry, NH

I'd only had point and shoot cameras, so before I started Photography the Basics I could barely even turn on my camera. I was a little bit afraid because I was such a novice with using a digital camera, but Walter does a great job of explaining things and using different methods to get his point across. I learned a great deal and had a lot of fun.


Judy, Litchfield, NH

I've had my camera for five years, and I finally learned to use the manual part of it, which I wanted to do. I think Photography the Basics is an excellent course.


Ben, Lowell, MA

Amazing must-take class for those stuck in auto-mode!  Walter helps demystify the digital camera with easy to follow reading materials, hands-on in-class examples, and homework assignments.  I now have the confidence to stop shooting in dummy-mode.  THANK YOU!


Michelle, Brookline, NH

I feel that your basic photography  class is priceless.  I liked the way you outlined your photography book, as well as working with the students individually. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in photography.


Cathy, New Ipswich, NH

I enjoyed the first course so much I signed up for the next one! I got out of it exactly what I was hoping to get out of it - to feel more comfortable with my camera - to be able to get it out of auto.


Patty,  Hudson, NH

I am so glad I took this class, it was an awesome experience!I took a year of photography school way back in the days of film, and I truly believe I learned more in this 6 week course then I did that whole year! I can now shoot confidently in manual mode. Walter’s ability to explain things in a way that's easily understood, using real examples and situations, and, of course, his great sense of humor, is the difference between us learning the material versus memorizing it.


Kerri, Merrimack, NH

My goal for taking this class was to successfully be able to take my camera off auto setting and to use the camera to its full potential.  I am pleased to say that after 5 weeks, I am taking pictures on the manual setting and have been very pleased with the photos I have taken.  The class is fun, light-hearted and a tremendous learning experience.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has any interest in photography.


Kristy, Brookline, NH

Taking the Photography The Basics class has allowed me to understand the camera and functions to a new level.  After 6 weeks, I am taking better photos using the knowledge gained in this class.  I recommend the class to anyone with a current camera.


Sandy, Milford, NH

I am glad I took this course.  It has been very helpful in learning more about my camera and about the art of taking pictures. You have made this a pleasant learning experience with your wealth of knowledge and clear descriptions.  I hope to follow up with a more advanced class in the



Lynn, Nashua, NH

I feel like I have learned so much from this course.  You made it fun and easy to understand.


Jill, Nashua, NH

Thank you for the wonderful class! It was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to get away from "auto mode" and move towards using the functions of my camera; your class offered all that and more! The class is very helpful and you have a wonderful way of teaching!


Belinda, Hudson, NH

You have a great attitude, approach and the patience for teaching. People can relax and not be embarrassed as they learn... and you keep it interesting!


Jay, Manchester, NH

In 2 nights of the Photography The Basics course, I learned more than at an 8 weeks course at a photography school in Boston. Plus, parking at C1M is way easier.


Renee, Pepperell, MA

I am now in my second class at C1M studio. Walter is an amazing instructor. He is able to communicate to students at all levels. I am looking forward to gaining a wealth of knowledge guided by Walter... I don't look at this as a class but a journey with endless possibilities.


Linda, Manchester, NH

I really enjoyed taking the Photography Basics course. I went from only being able to use my Digital SLR in program mode, to now being able to operate it fully in manual mode as I learned what each feature of my camera was capable of doing. In six short weeks, I've learned how to creatively use my camera settings, along with basic photography techniques like composition and lighting, to make my pictures come alive! I started out wanting to learn a few things and ended up learning so much more! The class setting was very comfortable and you were a great teacher who was always willing to answer any questions. I enjoyed your sense of humor and all the tips and tricks that you taught us. I'm really excited to learn more and expand my creativity and can't wait to take the intermediate class! Thanks again!


Karen, Milford, NH

I enjoy your class and I'm getting a lot from it. I've tried other photography courses but they were not as educational and inspiring. They were more about how to enhance your work after the photo was done, not into the functions of the camera and how to control those functions. You are a good teacher.


Mark, Manchester, NH

I have truly enjoyed every minute of both courses and gained so much knowledge and experience. And I have you to thank for this. Your teaching style and personality are fantastic and you make the student feel comfortable at every point. I have always felt comfortable to ask anything, never feeling that you would be bothered by a question or think it's stupid. Even at the close of the intermediate course, you have me still wanting for more knowledge.


Anthony, Derry, NH

I have a new camera with many features and functions. The photography class showed me what all the camera functions can do for me, and how to use them effectively. I have gained a fundamental knowledge about photography that will allow me  to capture what I need and to be a better photographer. The workshop was informative as well as fun. I especially liked the hands-on experience of taking pictures with the information we just learned... I would recommend this workshop to anyone looking for a better understanding of their camera, as well as the basics of photography!


Missy, Concord, NH

I wanted to learn more about how to use my camera and your photography class helped me understand features and functions that were a mystery before. We ventured into camera settings that I did not know were there before. I have gained the confidence to change settings and experiment without fear. This workshop was exactly what I was looking for in a very hospitable setting and at a great price.


Kristina, Nashua, NH

I recently attended one of the C1M photography classes and wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you did. This workshop allowed me to gain the confidence I needed to experiment more with my camera as well as gain a better understanding of my camera. I am no longer afraid to go into different camera settings and take pictures. It truly was a hands-on class that I needed. I also greatly appreciated your patience with answering all my questions. I definitely learned more than I expected and had a lot of fun. I highly recommend the C1M classes and workshops to all. Thanks again for all your great advice.


Lyn, Nashua, NH

I really enjoyed learning about taking better photographs, and you did an outstanding job of teaching. I can certainly apply your methods in my daily work, and am already taking better studio photos because of your training. Additionally, you have taken some incredible photography and have a "to die for" studio and classroom setup.



Jim, Portsmouth, NH

When point and click just wasn't doing it for me anymore I invested in a digital SLR...it did not take long for me to realize I was using only a fraction of its potential. Then I found C1M. Walter has opened doors I did not know existed with my SLR. I am enrolled in my 3rd course with him and learn something new each class. Walter's teaching style is perfect for those of us who may be intimidated and need time to experiment and ask questions until we get it! Thanks for being such a wonderful photography professor!


Lisa, Nashua, NH

I have a passion for capturing moments - whether they be in nature, around my house or just a perfect moment that I want to save forever. Photography does that for me. Walter Schnecker provided me with an outstanding class to teach me what photography is all about and how to capture those special moments with ease. I loved this class and am grateful for what I have learned.


Amelia, Brookline, NH

You offer something very few do in NH (classes) and do it so well. People enjoy your classes and teaching style and they get hooked. Trust me ... I am talking from experience. :)


Tony, Londonderry, NH

I just finished the beginner's course. I have to say that Walter took the mystery out of everything from f-stops to depth-of-field. I am now shooting all of my photos fully manual and in RAW mode. If you don't know what that means but want to, sign up. It will be worth your time.


Bob, Greenfield, NH

This is exciting!! Thank you! I'm very glad I'm taking this class. You are a wealth of information and you have a great sense of humor.


Cathleen, New Boston, NH

I've learned so much during the first couple of classes in the basics that I really look forward to the classes still to come. Thank you for everything :)


Linda, Manchester, NH

Fantastic photography class! I really looked forward to Thursday nights and will miss being there next week! It was well worth the hour drive over, and I am looking forward to attending the intermediate class in the fall. I have begun the journey to really explore an interest that has been on hold for some time. Your demonstrations helped solidify understanding of the more difficult concepts, and the relaxed atmosphere of your class made asking questions a breeze.


Diane, Windham, NH

After receiving a new SLR camera, I realized that I needed to learn how to use it! I registered for the Basics Course and got more than just the basics. I learned all about the camera and more. I especially loved the creative piece to the course and the weekly homework assignments really reinforced the class work. It was fun looking at everyone else's work too. Walter's teaching style is very relaxed and his sense of humor a delight. It was something I looked forward to every week. I will definitely be registering for the Intermediate class!


Kelly, Windham, NH

The C1M photography classes and workshops are very informative, fun and a great value. I learned a lot about photography and how to get great pictures. At the beginning of the workshops I could hardly use my camera. Now I know all the available functions and how to use them.


Lucia, Nashua, NH

I signed up for the Basics course because I wanted to be able to use more features of my camera instead of the automatic mode. This course is perfect for people who are just starting and trying to figure out how to use their camera, and it's super laid-back. It's a lot more fun to take pictures now, because I can actually do what I want with my camera instead of getting frustrated!


Avery, Brookline, NH

I think Photography The Basics is a great course. I definitely liked how each week focused on a certain thing. I was really impressed by the the amount of things that we covered - just the different aspects of the aperture and the shutter, and then one week was lighting. I didn't know we would go to that extent and cover as much as we did in a 6-week course. I would definitely recommend it, and I'm also going to take the intermediate level course.


Jennifer, Dracut, MA

I would definitely recommend the Basics course.  I think it's a great starting point for anybody that wants to learn about using a digital camera or an SLR camera, and a great starting point just to learn how to take pictures. After every class, I was looking forward to taking pictures. Now I'm not afraid to go out of the automatic mode, and I loved really learning and using what I now know to create great photos.


Rachel, Raymond, NH

I've been doing photography for many, many years, and I'd photographed weddings and portraits in the past.  I haven't for a few years, and I wanted to get back into it. I decided to take the basic course, and I'm very happy that I did. I learned a few new things.  I was reminded of some things that I've forgotten over the years, and it just reignited my desire to go take great photographs again. The course is very casual and comfortable, but the assignments were challenging enough to make me think and to really apply what I'd learned in each class. It's well worth the time and effort and I actually plan to take the intermediate course in the very near future.


Steve, Manchester, NH

I took the Basics class just to learn more about digital photography.  I shot with a Hasselblad for the last 20 years.  I've been shooting with a digital camera for the last 4 years now, but it's still kind of new to me even though I've shot a lot.  I wanted to start fresh and learn as much about digital photography as I can. My ultimate goal is to be able to do museum-quality photography. The course was very creative, and there was some good humor built into it, too.


Vincent, Amherst, NH

The Basics is a great course.  There's lots of good info and having us put all the components of manual setting photography together was beneficial. I am definitely interested in proceeding to the next series of instructional courses.


Tom, Milford, NH

Photography The Basics is a great fundamentals course. I highly recommend this course if you bought a digital camera and are still a bit confused about all those settings and numbers. Thanks Walter and we'll see you in the next class!


Dennis, Manchester, NH

When I first started the Basics class,  I never thought I'd be able to use the camera in manual mode within four weeks. Trust me - you will be surprised. I honestly can't believe the amount I was able to learn in such a short time! Walter is an awesome teacher. I can't recommend C1M enough and I'm looking forward to Photo Elite and the intermediate course in April.


Brandon, Nashua, NH

Never have I taken a course that I have enjoyed more. Walter is a true Master of photography and took the mystery out of taking pictures I am proud of.


Kelli, Northwood, NH

I just finished Walter's basic photography course. The setting is great and very laid back. I learned a great deal and cannot wait to start his intermediate class. Walter has a very nice teaching style and a lot of good humor to go with it!


Cresca, Hancock, NH

I completed the Basic Class and enjoyed it so much I just started the Beyond Basics Class. I used to use "auto" mode all the time, but after the Basic Class I only shoot in "manual" mode. This has opened a whole new world and I now feel like I am getting my money's worth from my digital SLR. I read books on photography, but they never conveyed the information I needed to get out of "auto" mode and use "Manual" mode.

The Basic Class is a great investment for anyone who wants to take better photographs but is trapped in "Auto" mode.


Glenn, Milford, NH

The digital age threw me off after years of shooting film. Thanks to Walter's easy going ways, great sense of humor and willingness to share his talents, I am thrilled to be back behind the viewfinder and in charge of my camera once again.


June, Hollis, NH

I have learned more in 4 weeks than I thought possible. I understand my camera so much more! Walter is an amazing instructor.


Kelly, Milford, NH

Just finished the Basic Photography Class and I would highly recommend taking this class if you want to learn how to use your camera. Walter is an awesome teacher and really takes the time to answer any questions that the students ask. I am looking forward to taking other classes that will improve my skills and creativity.


Leslie, Nashua, NH

C1M Photo Academy is the place to go if you want to learn the techniques of taking better photographs and Walter is the teacher who shares his knowledge and makes it fun at the same time. I'm so glad I've attended his classes. The understanding of my camera makes the world of difference in the photos I take. The [Facebook] group and the photo challenge he started, helps you continue to be creative with what you've learned and be part of a community that learns together, even when the classes are done. Thanks Walter!


Libby, Nashua, NH

I am so thankful to Walter for teaching the Basics Course and for his availability. His knowledge and teaching style is just what I needed to put everything together. I've taken other photography classes and did not learn as much or understand as much as I have after taking his Basics course. I am looking forward to taking the Intermediate Course and to continued improvement of my skills. Thank you Walter for your encouragement and skill.


Lynne, Manchester, NH

For anyone looking to get out of automatic and into manual mode, Walter's classes are fantastic! His technical knowledge combined with his sense of humor make for an enjoyable class experience.


Mary Joy, Hudson, NH

Great class. Walter's teaching style is exactly what I need to learn and to stay focused. He is always happy to answer any questions we may have and I have already noticed big changes in my pictures. I'm excited each week to go to class and see what else I can learn.


Melissa, Milford, NH

Thank you for your dedication to Photography the Basics. Your enthusiasm for photography, and for teaching, came through loud and clear in each class. The investment in [the Canon EOS 70D] is a big one, and I can say with confidence that I can better operate the camera, and now know how to correct mistakes, but better yet, set it to capture the image that I desire.


Stacey, Manchester, NH

I enjoyed the class and look forward to the intermediate class.  I have learned to live in manual mode and feel comfortable there now.   I was very impressed with your magical cart of tricks for teaching the more complicated areas of photography.   The ISO demonstration was brilliant.


George, Brookline, NH

Great class to truly understand shooting in Manual, the "whys" and "hows"! Fun, hands-on learning.


Colette, Merrimack, NH

Photography can seem complicated. You need to understand how your camera works, what the numbers on the lens mean, what is the difference between aperture and shutter mode, how to compose a shot. If you’re looking for answers then check out C1M’s courses. Walter takes you through it all, plus more. I highly recommend his courses. He takes away that overwhelmed feeling you can get when trying to learn photography on your own.


Jean, Strafford, NH

I have taken the Basics class and I am currently enrolled in Beyond the Basics. I have learned so much from these classes and it is really starting to show in my photos. Walter is the absolute best photography teacher I have ever had.


Lauren, Amherst, NH

I am so thrilled with what I have learned and the confidence that I have gained by taking your classes. I am looking forward to taking it to the next step.


Deb, Londonderry, NH

Walter is an excellent teacher. I found the Basics course so informative that I am taking the intermediate course, Beyond the Basics. Walter is a gifted photographer with a style of teaching that is encouraging and laid back. His sense of humor keeps things in perspective. The C1M studio and classroom are modern and state of the art. I'm learning and being challenged and enjoying the whole experience!


Kathleen, Manchester, NH

 I thoroughly enjoyed the Basics course.   The material was well laid out and informative.  I think that the approach of the course focusing on  segmented instruction followed up by a practice assignment is a good one that helps connect the learning.


Jay, Hollis, NH

I got out of Photography the Basics exactly what was promised. Thanks for all of the information during the course. .I plan on attending the next Intermediate course.


Mark,  Peterborough, NH

I just finished my first course tonight and I can't believe I waited so long to take it! If you're ready to take next steps with your camera the Basics course is definitely recommended. Also, there are always cookies (and water!)


Jennifer, Nashua, NH

Walter takes you step by step to learn how to use your camera. You start in Auto and at the end your shooting in Manual, understanding what you did to get that picture or what you have to do to improve it. Thanks Walter. Looking forward to the next step moving forward in Photography.


John, Hooksett, NH

Simply put, Walter is superb and the Basics Class has something for everyone (novice to experienced). I am definitely looking forward to continue my education. If in doubt, visit C1M during a free "Academy Drop-In" and see for yourself.


Christoph, Nashua, NH

The course was very valuable. I got my camera a couple of months before the course, and just left it on automatic. Four weeks into the course, I went on vacation, and I had my camera on manual mode the entire time. I felt good about that, especially since lighting conditions where I was are different than here. Some stuff just clicked, and I was able to work with the lighting conditions and still get the shots I wanted.


Barry, Manchester, NH

I was a YouTube learner when I first came to this class. I would go do photo shoots but I always shot in RAW, because I knew that I could go back in on my computer and fix things. Now I'm shooting in manual. Walter has taught me a lot, and I think he's one of the best teachers I've ever had. He makes photography exciting. He makes me want to learn more.


Whitney, Merrimack, NH

I got a lot out of the class. I've had my camera for eight years, and now I'm using the settings on it that I never knew how to use before. My pictures are coming out much better already.


Lori, Hollis, NH

"Shutter" and "aperture" were always these things that seemed like another language, but I feel like I have an understanding of those now, plus ISO and whitebalance, which were things I was not even anticipating. I definitely feel like I learned a lot.


Patti, Milford, NH

I'm not afraid of my camera anymore, so that's what makes me happy. Before I would turn it on, shoot in automatic, and turn it off. That was it. I would never play with the buttons, but now I know what they do, and it's just amazing. I thank Walter for giving me the confidence.


Diane, Milford, NH

I got this camera about a year ago, and I spent almost all year using just automatic - with some pretty decent results, but also some times where all my shots came out lousy. I blamed it on the light, but it wasn't so much the light as it was that I didn't have any creative ability to make changes, so I couldn't adapt to the lighting conditions. Now I feel so much more in control. I can read the meter and know I have a good exposure, or I can change my settings to get a good exposure.


Carl, Brookline, NH

Photography was intimidating before, but now it's not. I used to look around and see things I wished I could take pictures of. Now I see things I can take pictures of.


Jen, Bedford, NH

I've had my camera for about six years, and it makes me sad when I think about how many pictures I've taken and said, "Aw, I wish that had come out better." Now, though, I'm so excited. I felt that way every week of the course. Everything just makes so much more sense now. It's awesome. It was so great. I really want to take the intermediate class.


Jess, Milford, NH

After the six week course, I feel like I never want to take a photo in automatic again. Getting into manual mode is a great feeling, and I think you probably wouldn't get there just trying to learn from videos on YouTube. My camera is now working for me. It was not before. Now I can capture good pictures and print them happily.


Mohan, Nashua, NH

I got my camera just before the course started, and I tried taking photos without knowing anything about it. The pictures didn't come out well, or at all - in some cases they were just black. I did a little research on my own, but nothing made sense yet. Now I can go into my settings and realize, oh, I need more light, or I can change my settings. I feel a lot more comfortable with my camera now.


Janie, Merrimack, NH

Coming into the class, I didn't really know how to use the camera and I also didn't understand a lot of what you can do to get the right feel in a picture. The class was great, because it taught me not only how to use my camera, but how to play with the settings to get different effects that make for some really interesting pictures. I didn't know how to do that, and now, coming out of the course, I have a better idea of what to manipulate to get the image I'm looking for.


Sonja, Amherst, NH

I've had my camera for six years. I'd say about 95% of the photos I took were taken outside on automatic, and they came out well. But I'd say 70% of the photos I took inside were yellow or other interesting colors. Now, over the last few weeks (as long as my subjects don't talk back or move) I get really good pictures, and that never happened before.


Tara, Nashua, NH

I've been taking photographs a long time, but the Basics course forced me to go out and do the assignments. No matter how simple the assignment was, I wanted to make it look good, too, so it pushed me to get out of Aperture Priority, which is the only setting I used before.


Paul, Temple, NH

I’ve wanted to learn more about my camera for a while, but I'd never taken the time. I'm just always too busy, but taking Photography the Basics gave me the push I needed. I'm happy that maybe I'll have a hobby now.


Lauren, Epping, NH

I think Photography the Basics made me realize how much more I could do with my camera than I knew - what I want to do, not just what it tells me to do. This weekend I was at a soccer game in the rain, and I shot the whole thing in manual mode. I would never have been able to do that before.


Yvonne, Pittsfield, NH

Years ago when I was shooting with a 35mm camera, I felt like I knew a fair amount. When digital cameras came along, I kind of fell into using a point and shoot camera, and a lot of times just using intelligent auto mode. Photography the Basics really brought home the fact that I've been limiting my capabilities with the camera that I had. Now I have a good foundation, and I know what camera I want to get to explore photography more fully.


Scott, Dunbarton, NH

I was getting very frustrated with the auto setting, where I knew there was a good picture there, but my camera would refuse to take it. Now that I've taken Photography the Basics, I can make my camera do what I want it to do, instead of it telling me whether it wants to do it or not. I know how to adjust my settings to where I can say, "You know what? I'm going to take that picture, and it's going to be good."


Dani, Milford, NH

I think Photography the Basics helped to give me a foundation I can build on. I'm super busy with my kids and I've wanted to do this for a long time, and now I have a good foundation so I can work on improving my photography at my own speed.


Danielle, Chester, NH

In Photography the Basics, I finally took my camera off auto. I enjoyed just learning where all the buttons are and what they do.


Jodi, Strafford, NH

It's been many years that I've wanted to know how to actually set up a picture. After Photography the Basics, I think I have a start, because I learned how to use the manual settings on my camera rather than just the auto.


Penny, Strafford, NH

Before I was part of Photography the Basics, I thought I knew a lot about how to take the pictures, how to zoom in and zoom out and how to focus the lens, but I didn't know what all the controls meant. I knew there were terms like shutter speed, ISO, and aperture, but I didn't know what they did. Now I do, and now I can actually play with my camera. Because I understand my camera more, I can think more about how I'm going to take a picture.


Darlyn, Derry, NH

Taking Photography the Basics has made me hunger for more education about my camera. I'm not as afraid of all those buttons and everything it does.


Tracy, Northwood, NH

I'm happy to be in manual mode. I feel like just a few days ago, I had an "aha" moment, when I was trying to take a picture and I knew exactly what button to push to make the picture come out right. It was like everything clicked.


Dierdre, Pepperell, MA

I'm about 97% less scared of my camera after taking Photography the Basics. I feel like I kind of laid the groundwork of information on it. I've had my camera for about three years, but I didn't use it much. Now I can just try to practice and get better. I wish I'd taken the course before.


Sarah, Concord, NH

I'd been playing around with my camera in manual before I took Photography the Basics, but I didn't really understand it. I didn't touch ISO at all. I didn't really know how to get the aperture and the shutter speed to work together. I felt like I was fighting it all the time, but I've seen a huge difference since taking this course. Even looking back at the photos I took the first week, my photos look so much better now.


Remington, Pepperell, MA

Taking Photography the Basics allowed to finally get out of auto mode. I can do things manually and get good pictures. I can understand what I'm doing.


Cindy, West Groton, MA

This camera is my first one and my first time getting into photography, and I already feel, just from taking Photography the Basics, like I really know what I'm doing. I got a lot out of this course.


Jill, Bow, NH

I learned a lot in Photography the Basics. I had taken several classes before, and I have tons of books, but things still didn't come together. Last week, I went to a gymnastics meet, and that was one of my goals: to get good pictures out of a gymnastics meet. And I did! I'm one of those people that needs the hands-on training, and then to practice what I learned over and over again. Photography the Basics, especially the last class, put it all together, and now I'm looking forward to getting out there to photograph different scenarios.


Nora, Londonderry, NH

After taking Photography the Basics, I understand shutter, aperture, ISO -all that stuff. I went from not knowing anything, to feeling like I can pretty much understand it now and use my camera in manual mode.


Rachael, Salem, NH


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